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 Why I Do Crew DJs? 


We communicate and work with our clients in a personalized and professional manner to ensure we are the best fit for planning your BIG DAY and exceed your expectations!

When we meet with our clients we want them to know that we are there for them every step of the way!  From discussing vendor options to personalizing playlists and day-of itineraries, we have your back! 


We love what we do and it shows! 

Let us show you the "I DO CREW" difference

We want to make sure we are a good fit for you and your event and know

other great DJs and vendors in the area that we recommend as well!

 What do the Wedding Packages include? 

 Ceremony Includes: 

  • To meet your DJ 30 days prior & set up music and itinerary

  • Unlimited Time (No time limits)

  • 1-2 wireless microphones (on officiant + reading mic if needed)

  • Choice in playlist for ceremony music prior to event

  • DJ Coordination

  • Add in special songs for seating, processional, special ceremonies, and recessional music


 Reception Includes: 

  • To meet your DJ 30 days prior & set up music and itinerary

  • Unlimited Time (No time limits)

  • 1 wireless microphone (for speeches)

  • Choice in playlists for Cocktail & Dinner time from Recommended Playlists 

  • MC and Day of Reception Events Coordinator

  • Add in special songs for events during reception and party time picks

  • Party lights for party time!

  • We want to know your must play party list and DO NOT PLAY list!

  • FYI: We do take requests from guests that fits in appropriately with bride and groom's vision

 Other Frequently Asked Questions: 

 Does the DJ take any breaks throughout the night? 

We do not take scheduled breaks during the night besides restroom breaks, but even then music will still be playing.  We ensure that we are engaged in playing music and coordinating your reception.

 Who will be my DJ? 

We try to honor preferences if that DJ is available for your date and always let you know who your DJ is to meet with them ahead of time.  We are passionate, respectful, professional, and great communicators.  One thing we love about our company is the opportunity to meet with YOUR DJ prior to your wedding or event to plan together and get to know each other. 

 What is your DJ Style? 

Our STYLE is CLASSY & FUN.  We address the crowd formally as "ladies and gentlemen" or "family and friends" and keep an upbeat vibe/personality in how we DJ/MC/Coordinate the day of.  We want to keep the night flowing and moving.  We are there to coordinate and make sure there is a great flow for your evening.  

 Are there any extra expenses not included in the packages? 

In our wedding packages all expenses are included such as hiring your DJ, music purchases, equipment, itinerary & playlist creation, and setup & teardown and event.  FYI: **Weddings outside of Fort Wayne, IN may have additional travel fees depending on distance away from our location.  


 What type of attire will the DJ wear to our wedding? 

We wear formal attire to fit the vision of your wedding or event.


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