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 Step 1:

Find compatible partner and get engaged..... YAY! Congratulations and welcome to wedding planning 101. 

 Step 2: 

At this point you've probably already started to look up $50,000 dream weddings, designer dresses and endless up-dos on Pinterest.  Even though it seems like a great idea to just dive on in to planning, try your best to take your time when you start to plan.


**Suggestions for putting together a plan**


 Pick your Date: 

Start by picking your date to figure out the amount of time you have to plan your wedding.  

 Plan your Budget: 

Work together as a couple and or with your families to figure out a budget consensus to see what you have to work with financially.  Looking at your budget can help make or break decisions between buying something already made or doing a DIY project.  Also, another important factor in regards to finances is everything adds up quickly even chairs and napkins can be expensive so it's better to be wise in planning a budget cap to help with vendor, décor, and other event selections and accessories.

 Pick a Planner: 

Another thing to consider is your planning style tools and resources are available to you.  One of the first things to consider is how organized are you?  This is not a question to be down on yourself about, but to lead to success in your planning!  If you know that you are very organized maybe you opt into creating your own wedding inspiration binder and spreadsheets whether that be on paper or saved onto the hard drive of your computer.  If you know you need a little more help in that department maybe you can confide in a family member or friend who loves to help plan things.  If that is not available to you maybe you opt for a real life wedding planner if you have the funds.  If you are still wanting to DIY on a budget and need help with organization I would recommend utilizing an app, website, or printed wedding planner book.  From previous clients and friends that I have personally known they would recommend:


The Knot: - Phone Application - Book 

link to The Knot Planning & Organizing Book

Wedding Wire:  & Phone Application

Zola: & Phone Application

Once you have established a date, budget, and planning resource you are on your way to wedding planning!

At this point you can start to figure out your vision for what you would like for the aesthetic of your wedding in regards to venue, amount of guests, bridal party, décor, and etc. 

 Picking your Peeps: 

Assembling your bridal party:  Decide who you would like to be by our side up at the alter and take part in the fun festivities with you.  If you are having trouble making decisions there are always other roles that are special you can assign people to help with such as guest book, candle lighting, décor setup, readers during ceremony, prayer leader before dinner, ushers, flower girls, ring bearers, and etc.  

Assemble guest list:  Get an idea of how many people you'd like to have for your big day so that you can start to consider venues for size as well as budget for food and drink.  You can do many drafts of this during your planning before you send out your Save-The-Dates, but it's good to get a general idea. 

 Venue & Vendors: 

There are many venues & vendors to choose from so think about deal makers and breakers for you to make easy eliminations.  You can utilize recommendations from friends and family, Facebook recommendations, online reviews and websites, bridal shows and meet and greets.  Consider your budget for each and also check out their bundling packages.  For example are you looking to work with fewer vendors?  If so maybe you pick a venue that bundles coordinating, catering, cake, décor, and has in house entertainment.  It is all about your personal style, flexibility, and your wants to be more involved or have someone that takes over the details for you.  Make sure to bring a list of questions and set up a meeting if needed to help you make final selections.  Keep in mind deposits and payments to track and stay organized and within your budget.

 Companies to Consider: 

  • Wedding Planner/coordinator

  • Venue

  • Caterer

  • Bakery for Cake/Cupcakes

  • Photographer

  • Videographer

  • Live Entertainment/DJ

  • Photo Booth

  • Hair/Makeup

  • Bridal Store for Wedding Dress/Bridesmaids/Tuxes

  • Officiant

  • Travel Agent for Honeymoon or Destination Wedding

 Bring your vision to life: 

Now it's time to start to think about your style and bring your Pinterest boards and magazine picture vision boards to life!  This is where you can be as creative and resourceful as you'd like.  You can start to plan out dresses, hairstyles, tuxes, bouquets, table coverings and décor, and etc.  

Pinterest is a great resource to make boards of inspiration.  Another great tool that our Indiana Wedding Wire Rep Aaryn recommended to use that is strictly geared towards weddings is


 Let the fun begin: 

  • Wedding Dress Shopping

  • Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

  • Décor shopping/making

  • Sending Save The Dates

  • Pick Wedding Shower Date

  • Pick Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Dates

  • Plan Honeymoon

  • Plan Makeup & Hair Trials

  • Pick out and purchase wedding bands

  • Plan Gift Registry

  • Final Alterations

  • Send Invitations

  • Plan Rehearsal Dinner

  • Plan final vendor meetings & budget payments

  • Start making final plans for month out details and to do list

  • Two week out to do list

  • One week out to do list

  • Plan out delegation lists, make sure all vendors are paid and plans are set

  • Etc.

 Words of advice and encouragement: 

  • You got this!

  • You are amazing and your wedding if going to go great!

  • Keep up with self care & date nights during this entire process to be balanced and keep peace of mind <3 :) 


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